Welcome to Asheville!

Beautiful picture, if I say so myself. One of the perks of selling mountain real estate is all the beauty I get to absorb as I drive around looking at properties. This photo was taken from North Asheville, looking toward downtown (obviously!).  

July 21, 2019

Summer in the mountains

Beginning of Summer

Almost harvest

May 4, 2018

First of Hopefully Many!


Congratulations! You are reading my first blog ever. (Does anyone know where the word "blog" came from?) I think one of the things I'd like to do with this section is share my love of the western NC mountains, it's people, it's small towns and cities - everything that makes ME want to be here.

So - here is a picture of a spot. This spot is right at the curve in the road, next to the railroad tracks, on the east side of the Barnard bridge over the French Broad River in Marshall, NC. It is exactly 3.75 miles from the curve in Big Pine Road where I parked my car and went fishing in the Big Laurel River three days ago. Yes, I caught something! Two delicious 3/4-1 pound trout! (and one "hog-sucker" - don't ask - eww).

Marshall is a good place for those looking to fully engage in the mountain experience. It's authentic, but up-and-coming. They actually have a main street and a mini music scene. Marshall is the county seat of Madison County. Madison County is God's Country. There you have it, my first blog. Thank you very much for sharing it with me!!!